Agrigento is located in the south part of Sicily region and with its Valley of Temples is the most visited archeological site of the region. Siracusa is one of the many cities in the South-East part of Sicily that preserve a wonderful Boroque style. Taormina is famous worldwide for the view yoou can enjoy of the beautiful Mediterranean sea and on the Mount Etna, the highest active Vulcano in Europe.


Sicily is the Italian region where more than in any other place

you can see how centuries of glorious history leave deep marks

not only in the splendid monuments or archaeological sites

but also in people who so proudly carry on their traditions and their island culture.


It’s an island at the centre of the Mediterraneo sea,

to be explored in an ideal trail that from Palermo moving south-west

brings us to the discovery of the wonderful Erice,

continuing south through beautiful vineyards we will get to Agrigento,

where the remains of Greek temples

still stand at the coast lookout with extraordinary majesty,

then east where we will explore the beautiful baroque cities of Noto, Ragusa, Modica

and the ancient city of Syracuse

and finishing in the renovated town of Taormina

from where  you can admire the sea and Mount Etna,

the highest active volcano in Europe.