Langhe area has been recently included in the UNESCO World Heritage list Bolgheri vineyards give us the best Super Tuscan wines, just to mention the most famous: Sassicaia. Antinori historical cellars under the Abbazia di Passignano, A former Benedictine order of Vallombrosa, was founded in 1049 by San Giovanni Gualberto and has the shape of a fortified monastery.

Wine experience


Piedmont and Tuscany are definitely two Italian regions

where many of the most internationally renowned wines were born

and continue to progress.


Devotion and tradition of many families

who for decades have been devoted to the production of great wines

is accompanied by a new generation of winemakers who like to experiment

and take on new challenges.


Accompanied by a sommelier with an authentic passion for wine

and a deep knowledge of production processes,

you will discover how a glass can encapsulate the essence of an entire land.