Alberobello is located in Val d'Itria few kilometers from the Adriatic sea Polignano a mare house the restaurant that it can be considered one of the most fascinating in the world, Ristorante Grotta Palazzese, built in the cliff below the city. Matera it is located in Basilicata region between the Altamura village, where you can eat the best bread and the Palazzo Margherita, Francis Ford Coppola's exclusive resort.

Puglia and Matera

Puglia and Matera are the perfect destinations

if you are looking for off the beaten path and truly authentic holiday in Italy!


Puglia is often referred to as “the heel of the boot”,

and it is located in the south-east of the Italian peninsula.


In recent years it has experienced a remarkable growth of luxury tourism,

driven by many and often young entrepreneurs

who have opened accommodations of the highest standards.

In most cases recovering abandoned “Masserie” (old country houses).


Exploring Puglia and the nearby town of Matera

you can savour traditional flavours, visit places suspended in time

and meet authentic people, eager to share their history and traditions.